Twinned Cities

Morgan Hill, California

Morgan Hill is located in southern Santa Clara Valley, approximately 12 miles south of San Jose, 10 miles north of Gilroy, and 15 miles inland from the Pacific Coast. The Valley is approximately 4 miles wide and is surrounded by the Santa Cruz mountain range to the west, and the Diablo mountain range to the east. Parks and open spaces abound, making Morgan Hill one of the last communities in the region with a charming, small town atmosphere.



This village is situated at the edge of the department of Morbihan at its border with the department of Finistere and at the extreme limit of Cornouaille Morbihanaise. Le Faouët is at the center of a very picturesque district extending between two rivers which flow from the Montagnes Noires; the Stêr Laër and the Ellé.

From around 1300 AD the village developed in importance having its own baron having been taken under control by the noble Boutteville family who came from Normandy. The economy of the region which has been agriculture based for hundreds of years has seen a dramatic change over the last 50 years having lost nearly two thirds of its farms in this period.

Since 1981 with government help the area has been developing a tourism based economy. At the heart of the village the visitor will find "Les Halles" a magnificent structure built at the end of the 15th century. The building is approimately 53m long by 20m wide with a slate roof supported at the sides on short granite columns and at the ends by massive porches. The area also has its own legendary character in the style of Robin Hood in yhe person known as Marie Louis Tromel otherwise known as Marion du Faouët. This formidable lady born in 1717 was head of a group of highwaymen based in the forests around Le Faouët and in the Black Mountains.