St. Brendan's Boys' National School

St. Brendan's Boys' National School, or Headford Boys' as it is generally called, is situated in the town of Headford adjoining the local Girls' National School.

Originally boys in Headford town received their Primary Education in a building on the site where the local Parish Hall now stands. This building was completely destroyed by fire in the 1940's.

A new site was secured across from St. Mary's Church and the school erected there opened its doors on July 1st, 1949. The teaching staff at that time consisted of Principal Mr. Jim McHugh and Assistant Teacher Mrs. Nora Costello.

Staffing personnel changed very slowly over the years with teachers giving long years of service to the education of boys in the town of Headford and its surrounding areas.

Assistant teachers and Learning Support Teachers to date:

  • Mrs. Nora Costello - (1949 - 1972 in St. Brendan's) & (1924 - 1949 in the old school). 47 years of service in all.
  • Mr. Michael Carey - (Assistant 1972 - 1981)
  • Ms. Concepta McHugh - (Assistant 1981 - 2005)
  • Ms Jackie O'Sullivan (Learning Support Teacher 2002 - 2005) & (Deputy Principal 2005 - )
  • Ms Helen Fahy (Learning Support Teacher 2005 - )

Principals to date:

  • Mr. Jim McHugh - (Principal 1949 - Retired 1981 - 32 years of service in Headford Boys')
  • Mr. Michael Carey - (Principal 1981 - Retired 2005 formally Assistant in Headford school since 1972 - 24 years of service in Headford Boys')
  • Ms. Concepta McHugh - (Current Principal 2005, formerly, Assistant Teacher in Headford Boys' since 1981)

The most recent changes of staffing occurred when Mr. Michael Carey, who had been Principal since 1981, retired and Ms. Concepta McHugh was appointed to that role in September 2005. Concepta, like previous Principals, is a teaching principal and manages the responsibilities of running the school with teaching third and fourth grades (ages 8-11). Mrs. Jackie O'Sullivan who joined the staff in 2002 teaches 5th and 6th grades (ages 11-13). Ms. Helen Fahy, who was employed as Special Education Teacher in November 2005, completes the three teacher school that is St. Brendan's today.

The school benefits greatly form the ancillary staff - locals Lesley Lynch, Secretary and Julie Muldoon, Classroom Assistant.

Over the years education has undergone many changes: - three Curriculum changes, decreases and increases in numbers from time to time, as well as changes in personnel and passage of pupils through it's doors. Thanks to the upturn in Ireland's economy and the ensuing building boom, Headford is fast becoming a thriving satellite town of Galway City. Huge housing developments are under construction or at the planning stage and the boom will undoubtedly lead to an increase in enrolment numbers in the very near future. Plans are already in progress, to extend the classroom accommodation to facilitate the expected increase in population. The proposed additional classrooms are General Purpose Room will certainly enhance the quality of education for pupils. Subjects like Gaelic, English, Maths, History, Geography, Art, Science, Drama, Music, Tin Whistle, Physical Education, Sports and Outdoor pursuits - such as football and soccer, (all of which the pupils have been experiencing and enjoying down through the years), will continue to enrich the lives of pupils and education in Headford continues into the 21st century.